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Image by Ngô Thành Tân

“Finally, a book that is not afraid to address the elephant in the room regarding the need for women to deeply engage Scripture and do theology as fully capable and qualified counterparts to men. This is the book every women's ministry book club has been awaiting and desperately needs to read and vigorously discuss. Christine is not serving Pink Theology as another tea, coffee, snacks, and emotional trip down memory lane to talk about brokenness, the little girl inside, and a shallow devotional-esque study of God's Word. Instead, she addresses numerous topics in a balanced, gracious, and theologically astute manner while encouraging all women to do the same. Pink Theology transcends cultural, ethnic, and denominational boundaries and unites all Christian women in the journey toward richer, deeper, and more meaningful study of Scripture.” 


Christian apologist and

founder of UrbanLogia Ministries

“With remarkable transparency, Christine Carter welcomes us into the losses and griefs of her life, while keeping the focus not upon herself, but the God who has loved, healed, and carried her through those dark seasons. She invites us to abandon a shallow religiosity that merely nibbles upon the Father’s word and to make a feast of it—to study, struggle, and dive deeply into what the Scriptures teach us about marriage, friendship, forgiveness, community, and much more. Challenging, convicting, and comforting, Pink Theology is a summons to a life wholly absorbed in Christ.”


Scholar in Residence at 1517

"In Deuteronomy 32:47, Moses described the Word of God as "your very life." The Bible isn't just for understanding specific truths, like that of salvation; rather, it intersects with our everyday life, bringing gospel-saturated truth, wisdom, and hope to all the circumstances we face. In Pink Theology, Christine Carter, helps women develop a hunger to know and study God's Word. In sharing stories from her own life, Christine shows us how being rooted in God's Word anchors us to stand firm in the face of hardship, sorrow, and loss of life in a fallen world."


counselor, retreat speaker, and

author of A Holy Fear and Like Our Father

"Grace-filled and God-focused Pink Theology invites readers to go beyond 'fluffy faith' and see the beauty of a gospel-shaped, gospel-saturated life. Often drawing on stories of her own life, Christine shows the reader that God's grace goes everywhere and that His story is worth finding your own in." 


Associate Dean and Mentor Professor

Redemption Seminary

“Christine has a heart for women to know God and His Word in ways that transform their everyday lives. Having walked with her through many of life's hardest moments, I can attest to the wisdom she has earned the hard way. In Pink Theology, Christine surveys a variety of issues women face and works through them with passion and wisdom from Scripture. Her discussion questions and applications at the end of each chapter make this a super practical guide for any of us seeking to apply Scripture to our deepest struggles.” 


author of Practical Theology for Women

and Is the Bible Good for Women?

“It is with intermingled sorrow and joy that I recommend Pink Theology, by my sister in Christ, Christine Carter. Sorrow because the Lord has given her incredibly difficult trials, and she describes them with power. Joy because, over and over again, she responds—and shows others how to respond—just the way our Lord told us to: Christine founds her life on the rock of the Word. Many rains have descended on her life, many floods have come. But her house did not fall. The Lord has raised it up higher, in fact. I come away praising the Lord for his work in her life. And I have to get nerdy for a second: Christine repeatedly cites responsible theological books and treats Scripture with care. Her theology may be pink, but it’s not fluffy. It’s solid enough to build a life on, because it is built on a rock.”


Editor of Bible Study Magazine and

author of Authorized: The Use and Misuse of the King James Bible

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